ISMIP6 initMIP-Greenland simulations

By sophie nowicki1, Erika Simon2, ISMIP6 team

1. Department of Geology and RENEW Institute, University at Buffalo 2. Geoscience Services

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This dataset contains the initMIP-Greenland model simulations from the Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project for CMIP6 (ISMIP6). As described in Nowicki et al. (2016) and Goelzer et al. (2019), the initMIP-Greenland experiments focus on ice sheet initialization for the Greenland ice sheet and associated uncertainty in sea-level projections.

See here for the protocol, participating models and requested model output data.  Results of initMIP-Greenland have been published in Goelzer et al. (2019). The dataset is also available on Zenodo.

The table below (from Goelzer et al. (2019)) provides a brief overview of the participating models and their characteristics.


Downloading Data

The data can be downloaded from the Globus GHub-ISMIP6-initMIP endpoint. Please log in and click on the Download tab to receive the Download instructions.


The experimental protocol and datasets for the ISMIP6-initMIP-Greenland standalone ice sheet simulations would not have been possible without the effort of many scientists that have given their time and expertise. Finally, we thank the ISMIP6 ice sheet modelers for their feedback on the design of the protocol and their willingness to participate in ISMIP6.

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