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How to enable cookies

In order to log in to this site, you must enable cookies in your browser. Instructions for enabling cookies in common browsers are listed below. If your browser is not listed, please check its website or other browser documentation for more information.

Windows IE 6/7

  • In Tools menu, click Internet Options
  • Click Privacy tab
  • Click Advanced button
  • Check the box next to Override Automatic Cookie Handlng
  • At bottom, check the box next to Always accept session cookies
  • Click OK
  • Now you should be able to log in

Firefox 1/2

  • In Tools menu, select Options...
  • Click Advanced icon
  • Select/expand cookies section on left
  • Check box next to Allow Sites to Set Cookies
  • Now you should be able to log in

Safari 1.2.4

  • Click on Safari tab on menu bar
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Security tab
  • Ensure Enable Javascript is enabled
  • In the cookies area, choose either Only from sites you navigate to or Always
  • Now you should be able to log in

Netscape 7

  • In Edit menu, select Preferences
  • Select Privacy and Security
  • Select Cookies
  • Select Enable All Cookies or Enable cookies for the originating website only
  • Click OK
  • Now you should be able to log in

Mac IE 5

  • Download Firefox and use it instead. :)
  • If you must use Mac IE 5, follow these instructions...
  • Go to Edit menu, select Preferences
  • Click on Receiving Files settings
  • Click on Cookies
  • In the pull-down menu labeled When receiving cookies:, select Never Ask or Ask for each site.
  • Clicking Ask for each site will display a prompt asking if you'd like to accept cookies for this site. Click Accept.
  • Now you should be able to log in

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