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About the Group

Public Description

This is the Vhub portal to the tephra database for the Mono-Inyo Craters chain, a zone of active volcanism that extends from Mammoth Mountain and Long Valley caldera in the south to the islands of Mono Lake in the north.

Our main goals are to provide a compilation of all previous tephrostratigraphic, tephrochronologic and geochronologic data for the chain. Some of our other objectives:

  • Compile all of the information available for the proximal Mono and Inyo Craters tephra, pyroclastic deposits, flows, and domes
  • Integrate data for distal tephra with proximal
  • Remove data inhomogeneities and correct data that have been shown to be unreliable
  • Integrate dynamic mapping and graphing capabilities with advanced database searching and querying
  • Provide data that can be used to study past eruptive patterns and provide insight about the possibility of future eruptions

Please see "Links" in the left sidebar for connection to the different Mono-Inyo Database portals.