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  1. CESM ISMIP6 Forcing Data

    20 Oct 2021 | Contributor(s): Kate Thayer-Calder, Gunter Leguy, William Lipscomb

    The Community Earth System Model (CESM) version 2.1 is a world-class coupled climate system model that includes components for the atmosphere, ocean, terrestrial system, river run-off, and fully active glaciers (Danabasoglu et al. 2020). This version of CESM was used in many experiments as part...

  2. IceBridge ATM L2 Icessn Elevation, Slope, and Roughness

    23 Sep 2021 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): Ash Narkevic, Ivan Parmuzin, Beata Maria Csatho, Greg Babonis

    This data set contains  IceBridge ATM L2 Icessn Elevation, Slope, and Roughness data  (Studinger, M. 2014, updated 2020) organized into individual flight lines, both in ascii and ArcGIS shape file formats.  The data were collected as part of NASA's Operation...

  3. UC Irvine Ice Sheet Modeling Google Earth data

    27 Jul 2021 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): Mathieu Morlighem

    This is a secondary hosting of the Google Earth data hosted at: UC Irvine Ice Sheet Modeling Group.AntarcticaMEaSUREs InSAR-Based Antarctica ice velocity map from Rignot et al. 2011 (the dataset itself is available here)Antarctica bed topography map from BedMachine...

  4. Greenland Ice Surface Temperature, Surface Albedo, and Water Vapor from MODIS Comparison Tool

    26 Jan 2021 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Denis Felikson, Erika Simon, Dorothy K. Hall, Nicolo DiGirolamo, Elliot Snitzer

    Compare observations of Greenland Ice Surface Temperature, Surface Albedo, and Water Vapor from MODIS against MERRA-2 reanalysis model output.

  5. ISMIP6 Ice Sheet Model Comparison Tool

    14 May 2019 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Erika Simon, sophie nowicki, Elliot Snitzer, Jeanette Sperhac

    This Jupyter notebook plots and compares a field from multiple ice sheet models directly in the notebook.

  6. LavaFlow Mapper and FRP statistical analysis

    09 May 2022 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Francisco Javier Vasconez, Juan Camilo Anzieta

    Mapping active lava flows in near-real time by using the FIRMS thermal data and filters in the track GSD and Fire Radiative Power (FRP) in the open source R software.