Vent opening maps dataset for Long Valley volcanic region

By Andrea Bevilacqua1, Marcus I Bursik1, Abani Patra1, E Bruce Pitman1, Ryan Till1

1. University at Buffalo, SUNY (UB)

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Random instances of vent opening map probability distributions for the Long Valley volcanic region, according to the combined statistical model in:
Bevilacqua, A., M. Bursik, A. Patra, E. B. Pitman, and R. Till (2017) Bayesian construction of a long-term vent opening map in the Long Valley volcanic region (CA, USA), Statistics in Volcanology 3.1 : 1 − 36. DOI:

250 maps are available in ASCII text-file format, and included in a zip archive. Each ASCII file is identified with a sample number N from 1 to 250.

For each N, the file "SampleN.asc" contains a list of M = 100,489 = 3172 UTM coordinates (Northing, Easting), zone 11 North, WGS84 horizontal datum. These coordinates define M spatial locations at which a new hypothetical vent/fissure is supposed to open, randomly sampled according to the pdf of the Nth vent opening map. These samples are obtained with a Latin Hypercube sampler based on Orthogonal Arrays.​

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