A Matlab implementation of the Carey and Sparks (1986) model

By Sebastien Biass1, Gholamohssein Bagheri1, Costanza Bonadonna1

1. Department of Earth Sciences, University of Geneva

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This file is a Matlab implementation of the Carey and Sparks (1986) model to estimate i) the plume height above sampling altitude and ii) the wind speed at the tropopause based on the compilation of isopleth maps. Figures 16 A-D of Carey and Sparks (1986) were fitted using polynomial methods and interpolated for continuous ranges of clast sizes and densities.


In addition, we assess the influence of the particle shape on the final results. This was achieved by matching the terminal velocity of a particle with given flatness and elongation obtained with the new drag correlations presented by Bagheri and Bonadonna (submitted) with the terminal velocity of particles calculated with equation (3) of Carey and Sparks (1986).


This file was first developed for the TError package (Biass et al. 2014; https://vhub.org/resources/3701).

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