Kristi L Wallace

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    U.S. Geological Survey/Alaska Volcano Observatory
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    I am a geologist at the U.S. Geological Survey/ Alaska Volcano Observatory in Anchorage, Alaska. I specializes in volcanic ash research and eruption response. I am the head of the Alaska Tephra Laboratory and Data Center, an interdisciplinary center for the study of volcanic ash in Alaska. Ash fall is a principal hazard from Alaska volcanoes thus my work focuses on understanding the frequency, distribution, and character of ash fall in Alaska, specifically from Cook Inlet volcanoes because of their risk posed to major population centers in Alaska. I also play a significant science and outreach role during eruption responses, documenting ash fall events, working with agency partners and the community, and communicating hazards to partners and the public. In recent years, I have focused on fostering interagency collaborations to help better inform the public about hazards associated with volcanic ash fall. I have worked with the USGS in Alaska since 1997.