Natalia Deligne

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    2012 - present Volcanic Hazard Modeller at GNS Science [[BR]] 2007 - 2012 PhD student at University of Oregon, working with Kathy Cashman[[BR]] Dissertation: ''After the Flow: Landscape Response to the Emplacement of Holocene Lava Flows, Central Oregon Cascades, USA''[[BR]] 2005 - 2007 Seismic Data Analyst at Caltech (Seismo Lab)[[BR]] 2004 - 2005 MRes student at University of Brisol working with Steve Sparks (graduated 2006)[[BR]] Thesis: ''Large Explosive Volcanic Eruptions: Completeness of the Holocene Record and Application of Extreme Value Statistics''[[BR]] 2000 - 2004 Undergraduate at Caltech (BS Geology)